Personal Data Privacy and Protection

Luna 20 AD (hereafter referred to as Luna) uses electronic personal data processing methods to ensure accurate and rapid service and customer care.

Your personal data provided to Luna are processed in compliance with the applicable legislation in the area of personal data protection and security and are of great importance for the activity of Luna Hotel.

We recommend you acquaint yourself with the personal data protection policy for Luna’s customers.

Personal data protection at Luna Hotel

Luna respects your privacy. Personal data will only be collected, stored, used and processed so far as necessary for the performance of Luna’s activities, pursuant to the current national legislation.

Your data will only be processed upon your consent with a view to ensuring and expanding our business relationships, namely to be able to provide you with information about our products and services and to give you the opportunity to participate in our prize games. We will request such a consent when you login to our website, as well as before you send each individual booking request, by obtaining an express confirmation that you accept our Terms and Conditions, an integral part of which constitutes the personal data processing and provision policy.

The only cases in which we provide personal data to third parties carrying out their own data processing, shall be those laid down by law. If you have any questions or suggestions with regard to our Personal Data Protection Policy, we recommend you to contact Luna Hotel using the details given on the website.

Notwithstanding the above, you are also entitled to contact Luna in writing at any time, and identify yourself in order to get information of whether Luna stores and processes your personal data, what are it, where it came from, for what purposes it is used, to whom it is provided or can be provided, and to ask the same data be appropriately amended or deleted. Our goal is to provide maximum possible level of security and protection of your personal data.


Luna applies technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data you have provided, against accidental or unlawful destruction, or unexpected loss, or unauthorised access, alteration or disclosure, as well as other unlawful forms of processing by unauthorized persons. The security measures we apply are subject to ongoing improvement and synchronization with the modern technologies.

Using Your Data

Luna collects and processes certain well-defined data. We need this information in order to provide the services to you, respond to your inquiries, assist you on the technical problems or, if you wish, to contact you. With regard to the above mentioned activities you may be required to provide the following data: name, address, date of birth, electronic mail (email address), phone number etc.

Your data will be treated confidentially, stored and used solely for the general purposes described below or for other purposes in accordance with the applicable legislation:

– Your bookings Processing;

– Establishing a connection with you in response to your inquiries submitted through our online contact form;

– Administering your participation in our prize games;

– Providing information on Luna’s services by sending business communication in the form of electronic newsletters.

When does Luna provide your personal data?

Your data may only be provided to the State and municipal authorities, supervising the activities performed by Luna, as well as to organizations and institutions processing the personal data, according to the existing legislation. Luna ensures that the relevant information will be used only upon receipt of your explicit consent with regard to the processing performed on behalf of Luna, and that this information will be treated confidentially. We will ask for such consent upon login to our website and before sending each individual booking request, with an explicit confirmation that you accept our Terms and Conditions.

The data Luna can give to the partners listed above is: email address, phone number, address, date of birth and full name. This information shall only be provided in order to perform the services /bookings/ and the payment thereon as well as for the purposes of Luna’s direct marketing.

Luna may disclose and provide your personal data pursuant to the applicable law if a court or administrative body orders or requests it, or if the personal data disclosure is related to the fulfillment of a legal obligation of Luna.

Luna may provide your personal data to third parties only to the extent allowed by the applicable law, provided that you have agreed to provide such data.

We hereby notify you that you are entitled to object to and/or to refuse the use of your personal data as described above, as well as your data provision to third parties. An objection and/or refusal can be made with a notification of your wish as a free text via the email address specified on the website. You are allowed to access and modify your personal data at any time.

Luna ensures that the data provided will only be used upon receipt of your explicit consent that Luna can process the specified data and that the information in question will be treated confidentially.

Internet, electronic newsletters, email notifications, inquiries

If you wish, we will send you an electronic newsletter about Luna’s services and campaigns or we will draw your attention to special offers that may be interesting for you. If you are no longer interested in receiving such information from us, you can opt out of receiving the electronic newsletter at any time.

How do we protect your personal data?

If you request to subscribe to our online newsletter, your personal data will be sent to us. In order to protect your data from unauthorized access, we encrypt it using SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) secure data transfer technology, which is currently the most commonly used and the most secure method of data transmission on the Internet. However, we bear no responsibility for damages resulting from typing and other technical errors, lost or damaged records of data while transmitting the data related to network, hardware or software problems or as a result of unauthorized access to our database despite the security measures applied.

Rights and feedback

Your rights

In compliance with the applicable legal requirements concerning personal data protection, you are entitled to access your personal data processed by us. Upon your request in writing within 14 days, we will provide you with information on the type and source of your personal data being processed, the purpose of their processing, as well as their potential recipients. If we need more time to process your request, we can extend the response time to 30 days, in which case we will promptly notify you. The written request can be made personally by you or by a notary authorized person at the addresses mentioned below, electronically – signed electronically or by post. Upon sending your request by post, the signature shall be notary certified to allow us verify your identity and protect your personal data against unauthorized access from third parties. Based on the written request and within 14 days of receipt, we will amend, delete and/or block any personal information you may have, so that it is impossible to process it further in the event that the information is in fact incorrect, incomplete or if it turns out that its processing does not meet the legal requirements.

You are entitled to object and withdraw at any time the consent given by you on the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, and to be notified before your personal data be disclosed for the first time to third parties or used on their behalf for such purposes, in which case you may also object such disclosure or usage. Currently, Luna does not plan such a disclosure of personal data.

Statement of responsibility

Our suggestions contain or may contain links (e-referrals) to third-party websites over whose contents our company has no control. Therefore, we are not responsible for contents provided by such third parties. Only the administrator or the owner of the relevant website is responsible for its content or layout. However, as soon as Luna receives information about illegal activities or unlawful information on such websites, Luna will undertake immediate actions to remove the electronic referrals (links) thereto.

Changes to personal data protection policy

The personal data protection policy of Luna can be amended unilaterally by Luna with the view of its improvement, new service offering, changes in customer service and communication, as well as in connection with legislative adjustments. When making changes to the current data protection policy, Luna brings them to your knowledge by publishing them on its website and providing you a reasonable time to acquaint yourself to them, upon expiry of which, Luna will begin applying them when processing your personal data. If within this timeframe you don’t declare that you accept the changes, you will be deemed to have withdrawn your consent to process your personal data and Luna will cease its future processing. This may also be related to termination of your registrations for our games, services, newsletters, and other equivalent, for which purposes you have initially provided your personal data.

Complaints / Mediation

As of 15 February 2016, the European Commission provides an extra-judicial mediation platform, the purpose of which is to provide the consumers with an extra-judicial settlement of disputes concerning online orders. The platform for extra-judicial settlement of disputes is available on the following address: