The terms and conditions for using the website www.hotelluna.com comply with the international law on ecommerce and you must express your consent with them in order to book  accommodation and food.

These terms and conditions which are subject to adjustments, apply directly or indirectly through www.hotelluna.bg to all our services. You can review them online, via mobile devices, on site, by email or phone. When you access, review and use our website, regardless of the platform you use (hereinafter referred to as “website”), you acknowledge that you have honestly read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions set forth below, including the statement of confidentiality.

These pages and their content, as well as the online accommodation and food booking service thereon (hereinafter referred to as the “service”), are provided and administered by Luna 20 AD (hereinafter referred to as “Luna”)

1. Scope of the services rendered

Through this website, we, Luna 20 AD and in particular Luna Hotel, Golden Sands Resort – Varna (hereinafter referred to as the “Hotel”), provide an online platform through which we advertise our services where the site visitors can make their bookings. By making a booking through www.hotelluna.bg, you enter into direct contractual relationships with Luna Hotel under the current Bulgarian law, representing the place of accommodation. From the time you select the service you wish, Luna acts as an intermediary between you and the virtual POS terminal of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD, forwarding the data of your chosen Booking to the relevant place of payment of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD – the virtual POS terminal.

Upon successful payment of your chosen service at the online terminal of the bank, you will receive an email confirmation from Luna on your booking.

Luna bears the full responsibility for updating all the prices, number of rooms available and any other information on our website until the time of your transfer to the virtual POS terminal of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD. Despite the special efforts and care to achieve the highest quality of the services offered, we do not check and we can not guarantee the bank’s payment service, whether their entire system functions normally nor can we be held responsible for any mistakes (whether obvious or hidden), interruptions (whether due to temporary and/or partial damage, repair, amendment, update or technical exploitation of the virtual POS terminal).

Our services are available for personal and non-commercial usage and because of this in your capacity of customers, you are not entitled to:

– resell Luna’s services;

– create deep-link (hereinafter referred to as “deep-link” – throwing up links to website’s subpages and not only to the home page);

– copy, review (for example with the aid of spy software or information tracking, the so called spider and scrape – programs), publish, download and reproduce any information, text, software, products or services, offered and available on our website, for whatever commercial or competitive activities or purposes.

The combined availability of a booking by the client, a written confirmation by Luna and a document affirming the payment made by the client, represent a valid contract signed by and between the parties with all the rights and obligations arising thereon, specified in these general terms and conditions. The lack of an individual client’s signature under these terms and conditions does not take off client’s responsibility for their fulfillment.

2. Prices and Best Price Guarantee

The prices on our site are subject to competition. All prices, quoted on the site are inclusive of VAT, insurances, and any other fees and taxes and may vary depending on the changes in the applicable tax legislation and the internal regulations of the hotel management unless otherwise stated on our website or in the booking confirmation email.

In some cases, Luna’s website may show lower prices for certain type of accommodation and food services. However, special rates and conditions related to the period of validity may apply to those rates set by the hotel, the option to cancel the booking or the arrangements for reimbursement of the booking amount. Before booking, we remind you to carefully check the description of the room and the corresponding price for similar restrictions and conditions.

The currency calculator is only informative and the actual prices may vary.

Obvious mistakes on Luna’s website, including typing errors, are not binding.

Please note that all special offers are specifically designated.


Through its website www.hotelluna.bg, Luna respects your privacy. We encourage you to acquaint yourself with our statement of confidentiality for more information.

4. Billing

Luna hereby declares that no additional, booking or extra fees are hidden in the room price. Luna will not charge your personal credit/debit card as you pay directly at the virtual POS terminal of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD.

5. Credit card/ credit card bank transfer/

Luna does not require your credit/debit card details to guarantee your booking. Luna sends you to the Virtual POS Terminal of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD upon confirmation of the service selected by you on the website and you send your credit/debit card information yourself directly to Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD, to make a prepayment. In order to complete and confirm your Booking, the full prepaid amount for the services selected by you on our website /unless otherwise advertised or agreed on our website/ needs to be confirmed by Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD through money withdrawal from your card.

In order to protect and encrypt the card details, when sending them to the Bank (Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD), the SSL/HTTPS encrypting technology is used (a clear evidence of this is the yellow padlock of the browser address bar, indicating a protected encrypted link). The accepted cards are Maestro, MasterCard and Visa. The virtual POS terminal used is certified by VISA 3D Secure and MasterCardSecureCode.

We recommend that you thoroughly understand the rules and deadlines for cancellation, the possibility to reimburse money before you make a booking and complete the payment. Please be advised that sometimes the transaction made by you is non-refundable.

We recommend that you carefully check the room description concerning such conditions and restrictions before making a booking.

The payment is processed safely by a third party (Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD) and is transferred directly from your bank account to the bank account of the hotel. Luna does not take, accept and process booking payments, as it happens via the virtual Pos terminal of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD. In the event of a fraud or unauthorized use of your credit/debit card by third parties, most banks and companies issuing cards take the risk and cover all the payments resulting from such a fraud or misuse, which may sometimes be subject to deduction.

Luna does not enter into a payment relationship with the user at the moment of booking a service but it transfers the user to the system of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD. For this reason, Luna does not bear any responsibility if the company or the bank which has issued your credit/debit card deducts funds from you for unauthorized transactions resulting from making a booking on our website.

6. Cancellation

By making a booking, you acknowledge and agree with the cancellation rules and non-arrival policy applied by Luna, as well as with all the additional conditions on the accommodation service and policies that may apply to your booking or to the time of your stay.
Free cancellation and full refund of the funds transferred – up to 3 calendar days before check-in, the check-in date is not included;

In case of late cancellation made within 3 days prior to the check-in date – the first night will be charged as a penalty;

No-Show (cancellation on the check-in day or upon non-arrival) – the first and the second night will be charged;

Cancellation under special offers and conditions – needs to be explicitly specified in the offer

Cancellation under under the bundled offers:

Free cancellation – up to 24 hours before the check-in date;

In case of late cancellation – cancellation, later than one day before the check-in day – the first night will be charged as a penalty;

No-Show (cancellation on the check-in day or upon non-arrival) – the first and the second night will be charged;

The final cancellation, non-arrival or modification polity of the hotel booking are also available on Luna’s website – on the page containing information on the type of accommodation, and they also appear in the confirmation email. We recommend that you consider the fact that certain prices or special offers may not be subject to cancelation or modification, so please carefully check the terms and conditions before making a booking.
If you wish to review, amend or cancel your booking, please use the confirmation email you have received and follow the instructions there. Please note that a cancellation fee may apply to your booking in accordance with the cancellation policy of the place of accommodation or in the cases of non-arrival. We recommend that you carefully read this policy before making a booking.

7. Further correspondence

Upon making and completing a booking, you agree to receive an email, which we will endeavor to send you shortly upon receipt of confirmation from the bank (the Virtual Pos Terminal of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD) for a successful payment (authorization). The email contains information about the hotel, personal booking code, information about your booked service, as well as information about cancellation, modification and review of the booking in the system of our website. You also agree to receive an email that we will try to send you immediately after the end of your stay to invite you to fill in our Guest Rating Form. We recommend that you acquaint yourself with our statement of confidentiality for more information about how we can contact you.

8. Limited Liability

Subject to the limitations set forth under the current terms and conditions and in accordance with the law, Luna is responsible only for the direct damages – incurred, paid, or attributed to you as a result of the Luna’s failure to comply with the obligations in relation to the services offered on the website, up to the total amount of your booking as stated in the confirmation email.

However, neither Luna nor any of the employees, directors, representatives, or others involved in the creation, funding, promotion, or in other words any natural persons and legal entities working on the performance of the website and its content, is responsible for:
– any penalties, special, indirect or consequential loss or claims,

– any inaccuracy related to the Virtual POS Terminal of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD (including withdrawal of funds from you due to unauthorized transactions resulting from making a booking on our site);

– the services rendered by Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD;

– any (direct, indirect, special, consequential, or punitive) damages, losses or costs incurred by you for which you have been held liable or have paid, incurred or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our website;

– any (personal) injury, death or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or costs incurred or for which you have been held liable or paid by you, whether due to activities, mistakes, failures to comply with the obligations, defaults, intentional crime, omissions, non-compliance, falsifications, criminal offence or infringement of obligations (entirely or partially) of the virtual POS terminal of the bank (its employees, directors, agents, representatives or distributing companies); including in any (even partial) force majeure or any other event beyond our control.

9. Intellectual property rights

The software required for the performance of Luna’s services or available for usage on our website as well as the intellectual property rights (including copyrights) on the content and information or on the content of our website are owned by Luna 20 AD, unless otherwise indicated.

Luna 20 AD owns all the rights on the content (including all intellectual property rights) on the interface (including the infrastructure) of the webpage on which the service is provided (including the guests rates and the translation of the content) and you are not entitled to copy (hyper-/ deep), forward, post, promote, sell, integrate, and take benefit in any way whatsoever of our content or brand without our express written permission.

10. Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions and the provision of our services are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the Bulgarian law and any disputes arising out of these general terms and conditions and our services should be referred exclusively to the competent jurisdiction on the territory of Bulgaria.
The original Bulgarian version of these terms and conditions has been translated into other languages. The translated version is an act of goodwill and it only represents an office translation with no legal value. In the event of a dispute regarding the content or interpretation of these terms and conditions, or inconsistencies and discrepacies between the Bulgarian version and the version of these rules and conditions in any other language, the Bulgarian version should prevail.

If any clause under the current terms and conditions is (or becomes) invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, you are still bound by all the other clauses. In such a case, the invalid clause should be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law, and you agree to accept similar effect, such as the invalid, unenforceable or optional clause, in view of the content and purpose of these terms and conditions.



These General terms and conditions for Bank Card Payments through a virtual POS terminal, hereinafter referred to as “General Terms and Conditions” or “GTC”, settle the relations between Luna 20 AD, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under UIC: 201623251, having its headquarters and address of management: 68 Bratya Miladinovi Str., city of Varna and

e-mail: ……………………, hereinafter referred to as “Luna”


cardholders – physical persons and legal entities, hereinafter referred to as “USERS”, arising from the acceptance of services via an electronic virtual POS terminal through Luna’s website – www.hotelluna.bg.

These terms and conditions settle the payment relationships, the rights and responsibilities of Luna and the USERS.

Luna reserves its right to modify these Terms and Conditions in the case of changes in the local legislation, the rules of the International Card Organizations, or other adjustments in the regulatory requirements.

These General Terms and Conditions have been adopted on …………………

1. Definitions – within the meaning of these Terms and Conditions, the following terms and abbreviations have the following meaning:

1.1. Virtual POS – a logical device defined in the card system of the bank to accept remote online payments with bank cards through an Internet site.

1.2. Card Amount Blocking (Postponed Authorization) – additional functionality of a virtual POS terminal for manual entry of card details through the terminal keypad and holding (blocking) card amount for a 30-day period without making any financial transaction.

1.3. Local and international card brands which may be taken as payment instrument for making a cashless payment transaction at a virtual POS terminal: Maestro issued by Bulgarian banks and banks abroad;

Borica and other local cards;

Visa, VisaElectron, VPAY, issued by Bulgarian banks and banks abroad;

MasterCard, issued by Bulgarian banks and banks abroad;

1.4. Type of payment cards according to the functionality and the person to whom they are issued, accepted at the POS terminal:

Instant debit cards for individuals;

Credit cards and deferred debit cards for individuals;

Business cards – debit and credit cards for legal entities.

1.5. 3D Secure – real-time cardholder identification system for payment at a virtual POS via secret password and maximum security of card payment to an online trader through any of the following schemes:

VerifiedbyVisa (VbV) – for Visa, VisaElectron, VPAY logo cards;

MasterCardSecureCode – for MasterCard and Maestro logo cards;

Secret code of BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD – for cards bearing the trade mark of Borica.

1.6. ICO – International Card Organizations: Visa and MasterCard.

1.7. BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD (BOBS) – is a joint-stock company, owned by The Bulgarian National Bank and the commercial banks in the country providing ongoing service by an Authorization Center – 24 hours, 7 days a week.

1.8. Contested payment – a procedure for reimbursement, in whole or in part, of a certain amount paid through a bank card transaction.

1.9. Unlawful or fraudulent transaction – a deliberate (intentional) transaction made by a card or using card details obtained illegally (lost, stolen, obtained on the basis of falsified documents, etc.), as well as a counterfeit or forged card, or with misappropriated card details. Such a transaction has been made without the knowledge and consent of the authentic cardholder and without his/her authorization, and the latter refuses to recognize the costs associated with it.

2. Rights and obligations of Luna

2.1. Luna is obliged to accept regular payments with all bank cards bearing the trademarks of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, BORICA etc.

2.2. Through the authorization system of BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD (BOBS), Luna is entitled to refuse or to accept bank card payment in case of:

1) Invalidation of the bank card;

2) Inability to obtain operation confirmation;

3) Suspicion on the lawfulness of the operation;

4) Failure to identify (authenticate) the cardholder for payment at a virtual POS terminal;

2.3. Luna is obliged to refund the funds paid by the USER on the card in case of failure to provide the services ordered, or contrary to the General terms and conditions for purchasing accommodation and food booking services.

2.4. Luna undertakes to obtain in an explicit and unconditional manner the consent of the USER that the latter is familiar with and accepts these General Terms and Conditions before and as a condition of accepting the payment of the order for processing.

2.5. Luna undertakes not to set requirements to the USER on a minimum amount for purchasing services or other similar as a condition for bank card payment.

2.6. Luna undertakes not to charge any additional fees and commissions to the prices of the services at the time of purchasing depending on the payment method.

2.7. Luna is entitled to require a booking fee, service fee, seasonal fees etc. which shall be announced during the process of booking.

3. Rights and Obligations of the USER

3.1. The USER is entitled to choose a bank card payment upon approval of the current General Terms and Conditions and the General terms and conditions for purchasing accommodation and food booking services.

3.2. The USER is entitled to refuse a booking paid by bank card.

3.3. In the case of Item 3.2. hereby the amount shall be reimbursed in the same card as the booking has been paid.

3.4. The amount shall be reimbursed within 10 (ten) business days from cancellation.

3.5. The refunded amount is equal to the amount paid, less the penalties, in compliance with the General terms and conditions for purchasing accommodation and food booking services.

4. Chronological and technological sequence in case of bank cards payment through virtual POS terminal:

4.1. Selecting an accommodation and food service and vesting period;
4.2. Entering the details of the person(s) who will use the service;

4.3. Sending a booking/bank card payment request through a virtual POS terminal;

4.4. Booking confirmation;

4.5. Confirmation of consent with the “General terms and conditions for bank cards payment through a virtual POS terminal”;

4.6. Bank card payment through the Borica-Bankservice AD ​​(BOBS) payment portal.
5. Upon booking cancellation paid with a bank card through a virtual POS terminal, all costs for the amount reimbursement shall be borne by the USER, including the expenses for disputes, arguments, etc.

6. Other terms and conditions for bank cards payment through virtual POS terminals.

6.1. Luna explicitly complies with the confidentiality requirement.

6.2. Exceptions under Item 6.1. hereby shall be admissible only upon formal request by the competent authorities in Bulgaria and the EU, in accordance with the relevant legislation.

6.3. In the version of the “General terms and conditions” in another language, the Bulgarian version shall prevail. All other language versions are purely for information.